About the WoMo network

WoMo Network - the Working Mothers Network

Introducing the WoMo: our affectionate term for the modern Working Mother. We’re talking about mothers who combine career and kids; juggling board books and board meetings, pampers and pitches.

The WoMo network is on a mission: to support, empower and inspire more mothers to become WoMos. We want to help you pursue your career and balance this with being an awesome mum. We assure you - it can be done! But it takes planning, careful thought, and a whole lot of organisation. We’re here to help.

Maybe you’re working in a career you love and are nervous about being both “Wo” and “Mo”. Perhaps you’ve already had a baby and are about to embark on WoMo life. Or are you a veteran WoMo looking for little more support or to meet others in your position?

Whatever you need, we're here. Come join us.

Meet Elizabeth

I'm Elizabeth, founder of the WoMo network.

As a WoMo myself, I've been through - and continue to face - many of the challenges you'll probably be experiencing. I love my brood: two daughters and a son. But I also love my career as a VP of HR and I'm proud of both the Wo and Mo parts of my life.

I'm passionate about lots of things in life, and women who work is right up there at the top for me. I have an energy for life that drives some people slightly mad, so when I said I wanted to create the WoMo Network, I think people around me gave a heavy sigh! But I believe in it wholeheartedly. I believe us WoMos deserve support and a resource for those challenging moments. 

As a HR leader, I see it from both the employer and the employee sides. I've seen maternity leave and returning to work managed brilliantly. I've also seen it be a complete disaster. If we get it right from both sides the return to work can be a far easier transition for both.

Once back at work, the juggle of running a job and kids on a daily basis presents all sorts of unexpected challenges which across the WoMo network we want to support you with. I won't have experienced exactly the same challenges as other WoMos, but there will certainly be some common themes. If you can't find help on a particular subject, ask the question on the chat section and let's all help each other.

Stay strong WoMos! We are in this together :)