Meet the WoMos: Ann

Hello Ann - What do you do and how old are your children and what happens with your kids when you are at work?

I run my own recruitment business in the city - I live on my own with my 2 children Daisy 12 and Tilly 7 and work full time with the help of an au pair who is fantastic and allows me to leave the house at 715 and work a 12 hour day ! I work from home when I need to but am a stranger at the school gates and often feel the odd one out amongst my friends with a full time career and no husband ! 


1. One word to describe how being a WoMo makes you feel?



2. What’s the funniest experience you have had juggling kids and work?

Doing a deal in my pj’s with a gastro bug when both children were vomiting next to me and I literally had to shush my eldest (while she was hurling) as I was taking down the details. 


3. What is the one piece of advice you could offer another WoMo?

Take one day at a time, what you don’t accomplish today can be added to tomorrow’s to do list. 


4. What’s the least amount of sleep you’ve gone to work on and how did you cope?

4 hours when the children were smaller – lots of cups of tea and knowing when to have an early night when your body tells you so. 


5. What have you learned about yourself as a WoMo?

I can deal with pretty much anything that life and business throws at me and I am still standing, breathing and smiling.


6. If you had a working mother’s anthem or mantra, what would it be?

Laugh regularly and accept help when it is offered both in business and as a mum 


7. What is your guilty pleasure to combat WoMo guilt the best?

Boxing – the gloves go on and I relieve my stress with every punch.


8. Would you rather be dealing with a tantrum or presenting in a board meeting?

Board meeting any day, very glad the tantrum days are behind me – love my kids but so glad the baby / toddler years are over now - worst still is a grown up tantrum in the board room, have seen a few of those.


9. If you asked your child / children what your job is, what would they say (exact quotation if possible)?

Place people in important jobs near St Pauls Cathedral and spend hours and hours on the phone !


10. What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you became a WoMo?

Other mothers, particularly non working mothers will judge you like you never thought possible – expect this and don’t give a flying monkeys! Women can be extremely supportive and inspiring but they can also be cruel, do what is right for you and your family and don’t listen to anyone else especially my parents generation. 


11. To date, what has been your best WoMo achievement?

Surviving a messy divorce, a difficult exit from my previous business and started my own business in the space of 2 years and remained smiling at work at all times ! 


12. What do you want to teach your kids about working mothers?

Work ethic, if you want something, don’t rely on anyone else to get it for you – go ahead and get it for yourself ! Its ok to work and raise a family and I will be proud of them and the people they become.