The obligatory school photo

I presume like any mother, your Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of back to school photos.  Kids in uniform on front door steps or outside the school gates. 

It’s obligatory and every proud Mummy is keen to show her little darlings in uniform, looking good before the blazer needs a wash and the school shoes are beyond scuffed. 

As a WoMo you may be feeling slightly different.  Of course you are proud, and of course you are thrilled they are back at school, but then the school term-time WoMo challenges begin. 

You will probably be asking yourself:


  • How will I get them picked up from school?
  • What time does breakfast club start?
  • Which after school activities can my child attend so pick up moves from somewhere near mid-afternoon (when I’m in the office) to a vaguely sensible time closer to 6pm (when I might if I am lucky just about make it)?
  • When will the school dates arrive which insist I do a parent teacher meeting at 4pm mid-week?
  • How will I manage it all with work?

If you are a WoMo with kids in school you might feel as though you need a Masters in Diary Management.  The coordination to ensure everyone is on time for school, work, rugby training etc etc is a mighty feat.  When the right child is in the right place at the right time, you know you can breathe a sigh of relief!

This is the moment to tell yourself that it’s ok if:

  •  you don’t do homemade cakes for school bake day
  •  the school shoes are scuffed so badly, even polish won’t save them
  •  the school shirts aren’t ironed
  •  your child goes to school with last night’s tea spilled on their tie
  •  you get to work and find you have the school trip money still in an envelope in your handbag

Cut yourself some slack!  You are running two jobs, Mummy and your other job.  Hang in there. 

Good luck all WoMos with kids in school for the first time, kids changing schools and kids leaving school and going off to Uni.  All life changes present a new set of challenges!

Onwards fellow WoMos.