Get me back to the office

Is it just me?  

The run up to Christmas was exhausting.  Present buying, wrapping, carol concerts, parties and then Christmas Day itself.  Swiftly followed by Boxing Day (feeling fatter than the turkey), the in-between days, otherwise known as 'limbo land', then New Years Eve.  New Years Eve being one of those nights where either you go for it, large it up and get smashed or you fall in to bed at 10pm broken by Christmas. 

Either way, here we are, January 2nd 2017 and my inside voice is saying 'get me back to work'.  I am done with mess, family, too many children, the constant use of the word Mummy and the whining.  Why is it small children don't appreciate it when you say 'You've had all you could ever want for Christmas now be quiet and play with your new toys'.  Oh the frustration.  

I want to go back to work for a rest.  For adult conversation, for using my brain and for having some peace and quiet.  It's not quiet in my office but it's like a library compared to life at home with the kids.  

There we go, I said it.  Get me back to the office. 

Oh and as a final note, I popped to the supermarket to buy some soup (pretending to detox) and saw they were selling Easter eggs.  Now that's a jolly thought....