Now it’s about what you wear… Really?

So here is an interesting subject for all you WoMos.  

Post baby, I know regardless of how much weight women gain in pregnancy, and the time it takes to lose it, varies enormously.  One of the biggies of going back to work is getting back into your work clothes.  Whether you dress corporately or you work somewhere with a more relaxed dress code, you will still have to switch from the mum attire to the work kit.  

Just at that point when many women feel nervous about returning to work, because they have been at home for a while, or they are anxious about leaving their baby, a new headline pops up.  Look the part or you are potentially risking your career.  As women do we really need to play this game?  It seems so ridiculous that we live in a time when how much make-up we wear can determine how professional we are.  

There are many companies that wouldn’t care if you arrived with or without make-up or high heels but it is a sad state of affairs when companies put this added pressure onto women.  It’s challenging enough to leave the house without baby sick on your work jacket as a WoMo, and yet some businesses want the make-up and high heels too.  

Well done to Nicola Thorp for fighting the high heel battle, we thank you. 

For the full article ‘Enforcing the ‘sexy secretary’ look at work humiliates women’ read it here: