More Halloween Ranting

I entitle this 'More Halloween Ranting' as I recall I had a rant last year.  I re-read the blog and appear to have taken none of my own advice.  Last years blog I dished out some less than helpful advice about ensuring you have tons of chocolate available.  I have failed. 

So this year, the neighbourhood I live in was more up for it than last year.  I could tell because there were pumpkins and fake webs adorning doors by Sunday.  Checkety check I thought.  I have this covered.  So as the neighbours dug out pumpkins, I went chocolate shopping and picked up a couple of bags of mini chocolate snack size things and some mini bags of Haribo.  That's about 40 bags, I've got this I thought to myself. 

Ah no... Today I return home to find the nanny in a tizz.  What happened I ask?  Well, there was a knock a the door, so we answered and there were 15 trick and treaters.  15!!!!!   So I gave them a whole bag of the snack size things.  Not to worry I say we have more, until 2 mins later the same happens again.

I am fast running out of chocolate, and each doorbell sounds sends my son in to total excitement.  7.15pm arrives, my mini person is in bed, and I turn off all the lights.  I am now out of chocolate, I have no more sweets in the house and I have seen hoards of children knocking on doors up the road.  I am now fearful of disappointing small children more than I am fearful of the tricks.  

4 more door bells - ignored, and I am hiding out in the dark.  It's been over an hour and the door bell hasn't gone once.  I think I'm safe.  So next year I will take my own advice.  TONS more chocolate or start with the lights off - early.  

Now of course, all I can think about is chocolate.  And thanks to the annual pesky event that is Halloween, I have none.  Grrrr.  

Happy Halloween people.  Enjoy!