Mothers Day - Ask for what you want!

With Mothers Day literally just around the corner, we felt it apt at WoMo Network to share the wants and wishes of Mums, sharing what they REALLY want.  PoWoMos take note and anyone advising friends on what to buy for super star Mums – Read up:

Posting on Facebook we got the opinions from tons of Mums by asking them to tell us their best gift EVER to receive on Mothers Day.  Here's a quick summary.  You heard it here first ;)

ES:      A day off

            LK:       Did they ever happen?  Like anywhere in the world?

            ES:      It f**king should

            CM:     A day off is like winning the lottery

            ES:      The dream

            KH:      Oh the peace of it

            LK:       Wow!


GR:      Quality time with my children


KP:      Being woken up with flowers and breakfast in bed with my girls and the dog, nice dog walk and lunch together with no phones!  And a massage!  


MP:      Sleep and pain free nipples


ES:      Children who’ve developed ability to listen & do something first time they're asked

            TH: That would be a miracle not just a mothers day gift

            ES: We’ve got to have goals *screams into abyss*


TH:      Long walk, pub lunch and then an afternoon of peace


LR:      A ‘yes’ day please…. Husband and children have to say yes to any request – no ‘nos’ allowed


KS:      A lie in!


MK:    A mama necklace

            BM: Oooooh yes, I’d like one of those too!


JC:       My boys coming home (they are big boys now!)


CG:     A day out with the family and dark chocolate: J


GS:      One day… just one day where the word “snack” isn’t used… just one day…

            BM: But what is a day without snacks

            GS: The holy grail.


RM:     A small bunch of daffodils handed over from a boy's sticky hand and given with a smile ;)


KS:      A homemade card :)


CN:      A day of no arguing! 


Breakfast in bed, a lie in and a day off came up multiple times, along with reading the Sunday Times in peace and a glass of wine for breakfast.  The glass of wine was carried all the way upstairs by her young son! 

Enjoy Mothers Day and remember, speak up for what you want.  You still have tomorrow.  It is now officially designated ‘ask for what you want day’. 

Go forth…