International Women's Day

It’s a day for the women

A day just for us

Be happy shout loud

In other women we trust


International Women's Day

Be strong and be proud

For what we achieve

Isn’t given world round


There are women in bad places

In pain and in war

Let’s send them our strength

And for them please stand tall


WoMos join forces

Share joy and share pain

Talk to each other

Make things better again


United we are stronger

You are not alone

Reach out when you need to

Just pick up the phone


Talk to your friends

Share stories, speak up

In the moments of crisis

Don’t shut out the love


When those days as a WoMo

Mean you feel overwhelmed

Take five for you

Regain control of the helm


And when you leave work

And get home to your kids

Feel proud of the role model

As a woman you give.