Working Mothers Need Not Feel Guilt

So here’s the thing...

... an article written almost 20 years ago talks about how mothers need not feel guilty.

It screams of Groundhog Day no?  Here we are in April 2017 still on the same subject.  When will the guilt debate end?

Some women feel guilty and some don’t.  Any WoMo will have had those conversations, you share that you work, and you are asked – ‘How do you manage it, don’t you feel guilty?’.  No, is the answer many WoMos might give but they are too nervous to say it. 

Is it wrong to admit that you feel no guilt for going to work?  Why should you?  If your children are happy, you feel you are doing the best for them and you enjoy your work, what is the benefit of guilt?  It brings pain and upset and ultimately happy Mummies mean happy kids. 

Ask yourself, does your work make you happy?  And if not, what can you do to make it even better and give you more enjoyment?  It’s a step towards squashing your guilt levels. 

Work towards being the very best version of yourself and you WILL be a happier, less guilty WoMo.