Brazilian bands...

Today I took my first class at Method Movement in London. 

I’d heard about the classes just for women, and a friend had told me it did wonders for her glutes so I thought Id give it a try.  I chose the Brazilian Method class with Vivian and had literally no idea what to expect. 

I found the studio on the Brompton Road and descended into a clean white basement, with minimal design which extended to their cool kettle bells.  The class I did had nothing to do with the kettle bells, instead we were handed a little pocket containing 5 resistant bands which Vivian had us using throughout the class to perform various exercises. 

Vivian, a former professional volleyball player in Brazil, is energetic, great fun and motivating as she encouraged us all to go higher and push further.  My legs were a quivering like jelly as she counted us up and down to 10.  I have a feeling I'll be a bit sore tomorrow but it'll be worth it!  It was great fun, and being with a bunch of girls created a unique sense of camaraderie.   

As a WoMo, whether it's Vivian and her bands, another exercise class or even a run squeezed into the day, it helps my energy levels and is great me time!  Keeping fit even when it's hard to find the time is definitely worth it.  

Thanks Vivian and Method Movement, I'll be back!  


 By Elizabeth