WoMo chill time - Croatia

Over the August bank holiday weekend, I took a mini break to Croatia with my PoWoMo.  Croatia really is a place you have to visit.  After some scouring of the internet we discovered Little Green Bay, a hideaway on the island of Hvar.  And hideaway it is but more of that in a while. 

Realising you cannot fly direct to Hvar we flew to Split.  We arrived at 8pm with a pre-planned crash pad hotel for a night so we could take the catamaran to Hvar in the morning.  What with flight times going our way, and catamaran times being later than expected we ended up with a proper evening in Split.  First question to myself, Why didn't I pay more attention to reading up on Split.  My word, it's fascinating with some serious history.  Worth a Google!  We had an incredible dinner just outside the palace walls in a great restaurant called Makarun and crashed into bed at the hotel.  

Cue morning of our trip to Hvar and we are down at the port in the heat waiting to board the catamaran to Hvar. An hour later after rushing across calm seas with views of islands, sail boats and little bays, we arrive into the port of Hvar Town.  Hvar is the most bustling port on the Island, it is where it 'happens' and some people describe it as a mini Ibiza.  The old town is beautiful and the cobbled back streets and castle on the hill do give off an Ibiza vibe.  But that's not why we are here.  We are child free for 4 days and we are off to have some serious sun bed action, and we aren't moving for anyone.  

We are collected by the lovely chap from Little Green Bay (after I call because I had emailed the wrong location - ooops) and driven out of the port, up the road, round the corner and before we know it we are down a dirt track into no where, and at the bottom pops out this little bay, and there we are.  We have arrived.  It's a little piece of paradise. 

After three days of basically going nowhere, bar one dinner at Giaxa when we venture back into Hvar port, we decide to head out on the final evening to the Island of Palmizana.  We have heard about Laganini, the restaurant and beach bar on the island, a 20 min boat ride from Hvar Port.  The bar is great with a good cocktail list, chilled tunes and a very laid back vibe.  There are multiple boats moored in the bay and as the sun sets, it really is a beautiful place to be. 

The real reason we decided to venture to Laganini is the restaurant.  The food is meant to be exceptional, serving stunning fish. There is no meat on the menu.  And it didn't disappoint.  Thank you so much Laganini for such an amazing supper, with a bottle is Whispering Angel to wash it down, who can complain?

I write this on the flight home.  After taxi, boat, taxi then plane we will be home again and back with the little people.  I have missed them.  A lot.  It is always the way on a kid-free holiday. I appreciate the time away, the lie in in the mornings, travelling without nappies, no one asking me if they can go on their iPad, and the freedom to just take the day as it comes.  No need for plans, it's bliss.  Yet I am now 10 times more energised for bedtime stories, back to school planning and tales from the kids about their long weekend.  I am excited we'll be home before bedtime and I can kiss them all goodnight this evening, sit down with a glass of wine (it's still the holiday until tomorrow) and fall into bed ready for work tomorrow.  

It's WoMo life, it's a juggle and sometimes it's a challenge to fit it all in, yet I know the me time is important.  You come back to your sense of self and I find it gives me time to think and be grateful for what I have.  There seems to be so little time to do that when you are running WoMo life at home.  Thank you Croatia, you have been a welcome gift :)