Sometimes I read something that resonates and really gets me thinking.  

The kind of thinking that means your mind keeps popping back into that thought and considering it again, perhaps in a different way.  Typically I think this when we describe something as 'playing on our mind'.  

I read an article (link at the bottom) relating to what happens to ambition in women as they reach their 30s.  It's a well written and excellent view of how things have changed and evolved for women.  More and more we are raising girls to believe they can have it all, and we have women rising up the ranks in companies with ambition and drive.  Ambition and drive that was born from a belief we could be as successful as men, as brilliant and as high powered.  

No one is taking that belief away, and hey, if you want to think like that then go for it.  But here's the thing.  Is it helpful or are we setting ourselves up for a lifetime of disappointment?  Does the strong belief mean that we feel like we are failing even when we aren't?  

Sticking to our dreams and pushing forward is the drive many WoMos have within them.  And what's wrong with that?  Nothing unless you believe you will be earning the same as the man in the same job next to you, or you want to beat the boys.  I was surprised to read 'There is still no occupation in which a woman who works full time earns a lot more than a man, and few in which women have parity'.  Its quite shocking isn't it?  This isn't a reason for women to step back and give up, quite the contrary.  

Read the whole article.  I'd place a bet on you having your own strong view.  

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