Best gifts for kids they can use for ages

Generally speaking, the first thing that comes to the mind of any person when asked to get a gift for a kid is a toy. Whether it is a remote controlled car, a LEGO set, or an American Girl doll, our minds immediately associate little kids and children with something that is materialistic and short lasting. But we need to ask ourselves: why do we not begin investing in the safe future of these kids from a young age? Why not favor minimalism and longevity since the beginning?

Here are some of the best gifts you can gift to any kid around you - a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, or a grandson or granddaughter that they can actually use for a long time:


Whether it is a children's book, a classic tale, or a facts book that will have your kid amazed, a book is always a sound investment to make, both in terms of money as well as for the intellect and understanding of the child.



This is something every human being needs. Give them a special costume they wanted or a dress they really liked and wanted to get, but completely forgot about it. Clothes don’t have to be boring and they are actually pretty useful present. Cool hoodie, t-shirt, beanie or awesome jacket – those are all gifts your kid can enjoy daily and I am sure they will not want to get out of it.


If your kids are above the age of 13 or 14, you may want to look into investing in a mini foosball table, particularly for those who are huge fans of soccer. A foosball table, while an addicting and fun activity for adults, can be equally as fun and interesting for your kids as well. It will make them move and think strategically and a game will only last a couple of minutes, making sure that he or she only plays it for a limited amount of time. Also, it is not just a game table for him; it is an activity for the entire family because 4 players are the best number for a foosball table.


The best way to get your kid to pick up a hobby and let their creative juices flow to the hilt of their imaginations is to give them the freedom to explore the world through art. For this purpose, some new and interesting art and craft supplies may prove to be the best present. This is a great way to make new friends with kids who share the same hobby.  



One of the best ways to get your kid involved in activities is to use them as a gift for a special occasion. Offer to take them out on a trip to a museum, take a pottery class with them, have a movie night, or spend a day playing outdoor games such as paintballing, laser tag, or bowling- the essential idea is to show your kid that you care more about them to not just give them a toy that they could have gotten any other day. You care about them enough to want to spend quality time with them doing stuff the both of you will enjoy.

Always remember: more is not always better. It is not necessary that the most expensive or the largest gift will always be the best for your kid. It is often the most meaningful of thoughts behind seemingly minimalistic gifts that end up become pearls of wisdom and experience for the future of the child, which is something that every adult and parent wants for their little ones.

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