The Cry - Review

Have you been watching The Cry on the BBC?

If you haven’t, its not too late, you can catch up on iPlayer. 4 episodes, 4 hours of emotional pain and 4 hours of brilliant drama. Without giving too much away, it begins with the abduction of a baby. As a mother, you are already sobbing on the sofa and traumatised for the mother. Before it even gets to this point you see the mother caring for a baby that cries and cries. You feel that desperate emotion we have all felt when your baby just wont stop crying. The helplessness, the pain and the feeling of complete failure as a mother. That feeling of weakness when you want to stop your baby crying but nothing works. Combined with total exhaustion, its that feeling of just putting one foot in front of the other. And we all know, it DOES get better.

Jenna Coleman stars as the mother, and her performance is incredible. You feel her pain, you want to save her from the pain she is suffering and you want to make it all better. The character is Joanna, and with her partner Alistair they travel to Australia and their never ending nightmare begins. There is a bit of jumping backward and forward in time which is mildly irritating, but it does help you start piecing it all together and makes more sense the more you watch.

It would be wrong to say more without spoiling it, but just know, all is not what it seems and the twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat with tears rolling down your face. It is brilliant TV, just be ready to feel emotionally wounded after every episode.

The Cry, BBC iPlayer

Photograph: Lachlan Moore/Synchronicity Films Ltd