Which financial confidence type are you?

Life is a journey. Are you prepared? Find out here how to improve your financial education…

The face of wealth is changing, and 80% of women will end up managing their finances alone at some point in their life. Despite this, research from UBS shows that 56% of married women still leave investment decisions to their husbands. And, surprisingly, 61% of Millennial women do so, more than any other generation. Some women will be ready. Many won’t.

That's why UBS is committed to serve female clients and to make women a strategic priority. As a first step, they have developed a workbook and online learning platform designed to make it easy for anyone to improve their confidence with financial topics, and take control of their financial future. You can try the self-assessment below, to discover your financial confidence type.

UBS would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how we can make the tool better, and what it would take to improve your financial confidence. You can give feedback within the learning platform (requires registration) or send an e-mail to unique@ubs.com

Life is a journey. Are you prepared? Answer 12 questions to discover your type.

Being confident with your money is important. Our research shows financial confidence is particularly important for women.

Take the test. Share your thoughts. Together we can create a more gender equal world.


Thank you to UBS for this brilliant tool.

Stats taken from US research - UBS April 2018 Research paper ‘Own Your Worth’