Surviving the house lurgy when you are ill too

Its that time of year when you know as you wipe the snot from your ill child’s face, or clear away their sick or indeed just have them snuggled in your arms, that nagging voice is raging in your head saying:


Oh the feeling of dread and utter terror. There is only one thing worse than nursing a sick child. Caring for one when you too are on the floor with said lurgy. So how to survive?

  1. GET HELP. It is obvious, but if you can get help. And ideally, from someone in the house. Start there first. Can your partner help? If you take to bed, ask him to take over. (we start in the house for fear of contaminating others!). If he cant, ask a friend, family member, nanny etc. It doesn’t matter who, but if there is someone you know can step in then and let you do to bed for a couple of hours, then ask.

  2. RELAX THE RULES. If you are the usually the type of mother who restricts TV time, forget it. This is not a time for upholding your rules. If necessary, get a duvet, get the TV on and get on the sofa with your sick mini person. You can be there together watching anything and you will get peace and quiet. And if he/she falls asleep, all the better. So can you.

  3. MOVE BEDTIME EARLY. If your kid normally goes to bed at 7pm, move it to 6pm. Sick kids need rest. Get them into bed early and take yourself to bed at the same time.

  4. CALPOL & NUROFEN. Dose up your kid. If in doubt, get it in. Unless they are sick in which case don’t and if they have had a bad tummy don’t give kiddy Nurofen, give Calpol only. Remember to dose yourself! Maybe just with something a bit stronger ;)

  5. COSLEEP. Even if you are not a fan, if you are too poorly to make it from your bed to your kids bedroom if they cry out in the night, take them in with you. This has never worked with my kids, and if you have never done the cosleeping thing, your kids will tend to want their own bed, but worth a shot.

It is the worst, literally the worst, so give it EVERYTHING to hold off the lurgy in the first place. Prevention is obviously best! Keep your ginger up, and lots of good healthy eating and keep your fingers crossed.