Sustainable Christmas ideas

This year more than ever, it seems there is an even greater push to have a more sustainable Christmas. As we become more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet and we see a resistance towards this consumer society that seems to have got a bit out of control.

So how can we be sustainable at Christmas?

  • PAPER. If you are bold enough and don’t mind using newspaper or magazines, with a good bow on it, a gift will still look amazing.

  • GIFTS. Look for sustainable gifts. There are a few good articles out there to help guide you. Here are a couple to get you thinking!

    Favourite Ethical Toy Companies

    Ethical Gifts

    More Ethical Gifts

  • TREE. If you have a fake tree, use it, use it, use it. Keep bringing it out year after year. If you don’t have a fake tree you could rent a real one. Yup, you can have your own tree that will be delivered back to you year after year.

    Rent a tree!

  • EXPERIENCES. Give experiences rather than gifts. A tea for two, a trip to the theatre, a massage or a subscription to Headspace. There are a lot of ways to give!

  • BATTERIES. If you haven’t already, invest in rechargeable batteries and a nifty little recharger. If you have kids, this is a must have to be good to our planet.

On a final note, there are a lot of lovely tips here from the lovely people at Friends of the Earth.