Ten minutes to yourself

Do you have Christmas overload? Family descending on you, kids saying ‘Mummy Mummy’ every 2 minutes, tantrums from over stimulated children or family Christmas politics?

Even 10 minutes gives you the chance to breathe, re-centre and quite frankly get some damn peace and quiet. Here are a few ways you can carve out 10 mins just for you. Yup! Just for you:

  1. Pop into the bathroom to go to the loo/clean the bathroom. You are doing neither, just shut the door, sit on the floor or the loo and just breathe. Breathe in out for twice the length of time you breathe in. And count. The counting will help switch your mind off. Oh and tell your family or another significantly responsible adult you are in the bathroom for 10 mins (best not to leave small children on their own or you will have Mummy Mummy being shouted at you and a lot of banging on the door - and this is not the idea!)

  2. Buy milk. We don’t care if you don’t need milk. It gives you 10 mins to walk to the shop. This is presuming you live in the City. If you live in the country this could be a 30 min drive - even better! Again, this presumes you have another adult to help at home with the kids. Lets presume you don’t, see option 3.

  3. Stick the kids in front of the TV for a little rest. Yup. Relax your parenting, it’s Christmas. And depending on the age of your kids, you may need to sit with them. That’s ok. Just close your eyes and either use a mantra or count your breathing as in point 1. You don’t need to be watching TV, take yourself into your own Headspace.

  4. When the kids go to bed, head into another room, or bed and before you start talking to any other adults in your house, take time for you. Listen to a mediation (plenty of apps for this) or just close your eyes and lie down. If you fall asleep, who cares!

  5. Last but not least, stay in the shower for twice as long as you normally do. Just stand still, let the water flow over your head, and close your eyes. Or if this feels weird, focus on one spot on the wall and soften your vision. Just be still, doing nothing. We never stop and just be still. Cherish the moment.

This is a good time of year to re-centre before you are back to work in the New Year.

Happy New Year!