Winter Olympics WoMo Win

The good thing about 7 hours on a plane is it forces you to stop, think and take time out.  There is only so many emails and so much eating you can do!  I chose to watch The Will To Fly, a story about an Australian woman, Lydia Lasilla who decided as a young woman she wanted to do the same tricks as the boys in freestyle ski jumping.  It is described as 'The most inspirational movie of the year' and you can find more here.  

The documentary is an hour long and charts her journey from growing up as the youngest of 4, the only girl I might add, to now.  She suffered injury, setbacks and moments where emotionally her self-doubt got in the way of her ability to focus and succeed. 

What blew me away the most, is in the highlight of her career when she performed a jump, only men had ever performed, and she was a Mum.  I encourage you to watch it and take away from it the inspiration you choose to draw from her story.  She is driven, fearless, goal orientated and fundamentally a woman who goes for it as a mother with her young son Kai at home.  A year after achieving her dream jump, she had her second son Alek.  Lydia is a WoMo on a mission. 

This year Lydia is competing in the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.  Google her name and get watching.  Regardless of nationality, WoMo to WoMo, I will be cheering her on.  And if you are having a moment of self-doubt, read about her drive for success.  You can do it.  We all can when we put our mind to it.