Childcare crisis days

This week has been a challenging week for WoMos impacted by the beast from the east

I have heard about closed nursery schools, a broken boiler in a local school and snow days.  So how do you manage it when you have a crisis?

I suppose it depends where you work, whether you can work from home, what your support network is like and whether or not you have a back up plan.  So how can you handle it when you know a crisis may be upon you?

  • Talk to your line manager in advance.  Explain you are concerned that if the weather is bad tomorrow, you may not make it into the office.
  • Take your laptop home (if you have one) and have what you need to work from home.
  • Reschedule face to face meetings to another time, or move to a call.
  • Plan for 'head down' work that is often hard to accomplish in the office when there are other distractions.  
  • Talk to your team and give them the same flexible opportunity.

And if you have no idea the crisis is upon you..... And you wake up to a blanket of snow?

  • fire a message to the office as soon as you can, and your team if necessary to communicate your plans.
  • check if there are any messages from the school/nursery.  Note, these often come a bit later, typically just at the moment you are about to leave for work - urgh! 
  • be ready with your back up plan.

Lots of bigger companies have emergency childcare support and can help in a crisis if you really need help.  Otherwise, if your child is in nursery or a school, its a snow day for you too!   

Get some hot porridge on the go, some warm socks on, hat and gloves and get out there for a snowball fight. 

The kids will LOVE it and when the snowman is finished, so will you!  Enjoy :)