Keeping the balance

Being a Mum and having a career requires organisation and juggling.  As a WoMo you will experience having to coordinate kids, the job, a social life and time just for you.  Added in to that you might have keeping yourself fit, commute time (if you don't work from home), food shopping, keeping the house clean and then of course the general admin of life. 

We hear from Mums here at WoMo Network who work for themselves, Mums who commute for miles, Mums who have kids in nursery, Mums who have nannies and Mums who work part time or full time.  And add in any other variant of the above.  There is no one answer, no one size fits all and no perfect plan.  So how do we navigate WoMo life?  

One of the things we hear about from Womos is how hard it is when it all gets too much.  Everyone has days when they are exhausted, overwhelmed and can't take on any more, but what to you do when there is no escape.  How do you carve out time in your busy schedule to re-balance and put some focus back into you.  Just you. 

  1. Download a mediation app.  Just 10 mins with your earphones in and your eyes shut will help.
  2. Go to bed early.  Dedicate 2-3 nights in a row to early bed.  You don't have to go to sleep, just be in bed.  Maybe read a book or a magazine but turn the light off earlier than usual. 
  3. Stay off the booze.  Come off the vino for a few days.  It can make you feel more emotional and effects your sleep.  
  4. Re-jig your diary.  Go through your diary over the next week and cut out anything non-essential.  Use the time to get back on track with the 'stuff' that is overwhelming you. 
  5. Take some exercise.  If you aren't a gym bunny, go for a walk.  Just get outside and get some fresh air.  If you work in an office all day, make sure you get out at some point.  
  6. Give yourself a bit more time with the kids.  Come home early one day, and put some Mum time in.  
  7. Talk to someone.  Whether it is your partner or a mate, speak up.  Talk to someone about how you feel.  Feeling like you can't cope is no fun on your own.  
  8. Take a day off.  If you can do it, take a full day off, and if you can, keep the childcare for all or part of the day.  Book a massage, get your nails done or have lunch with a friend.  

Remember looking after you first means you can look after everyone and everything else.  Without you om tip top form, the rest will feel even more like a wave you are struggling to surf.  

Stay strong WoMos.