Me time controversy

I am travelling a bit for work at the moment and I took 3 days out for a girl trip to Ibiza in the middle and I have a wedding in Italy at the end of October. I have posted my trips on Instagram and received a couple of PMs from Mums saying well done for being away and one from a mum saying she can’t understand how/why I do it.

Being a working mum with a demanding job is challenging and requires a lot of effort, a lot of juggling and a lot of energy. Can you have it all? No. You can’t. When you are spreading yourself thinly, something will always get more or less attention. But here’s the thing... if you don’t put attention on yourself, you won’t have the energy for all the other stuff. Own mask first and all that jazz.

So there will be people who judge you, and there will be people who think your parenting is questionable, but stick by what YOU feel works for you. I know, I’m a much better Mummy for a bit of me time, and that might seem selfish when I’ve just been on a work trip, or it may seem unkind. I disagree. I return from a girls trip refreshed, rested, calm, happy, ready to take on the world and full of excitement for my children. The joy of seeing them after a trip is one of the most divine feelings.

I write this flying back from Milan after a week in NY two weeks ago and 3 days in Ibiza with a girlfriend last week. I have just done 2 days in Milan for work and I am beyond happy to returning home for the weekend. I relish the moments at home and this weekend it is just me and my youngest. Perfect Mummy son time.

It really does take an army to raise a kid and my youngest has a tight team of 3 including the nanny and then you can add 2 more trusted others who support, love him and who he loves spending time with. I try not to deviate outside the 3 but sometimes the other 2 are called into action, and between us all, he is cared for and loved by his favourite people.

He will always know who Mummy is, I am up there! When I walk through the door and he runs at me shouting ‘Mummy’ my heart melts. He is my beautiful boy and despite being away and not physically present every day, we have a unique bond and he knows he is my world.

So if you feel judged for ANY decisions you are making as a parent, try and remove the emotion that comes with it. Feeling judged can often make us question our decisions and potentially take a different path. Follow your gut instinct and your heart. Parenting is a journey that changes and evolves.

Just go with what feels right to you.