Lets talk HAPPINESS!

I attended a brilliant talk on The Future of Happiness

Hosted by Action for Happiness, Richard Layard spoke and gave some incredible insights that I wanted to share. He said a huge amount but I hope I have captured a few highlights which will help WoMos everywhere. In no particular order:

2 Cultures

We live in 2 different ways (there are many others, lets not get granular, but when we are talking happiness we can split people into two camps).

  1. Competitive. Those that are racing through life wanting the best house, car, coat, handbag. They are striving for more and compare themselves to others. There are only winners and losers in this camp.

  2. Being happy through giving happiness to others. This camp gain happiness from making others happy. This is the happier camp.

As parents its important we teach our children to give, and to want to see happiness in others. It thereby gives us our own innate happiness. If you haven’t seen them, have a look at the monthly action calendars produced by Action for Happiness and encourage your children to embrace the daily actions.

Training our minds

We train our bodies, we go to the gym for example, and we can train our minds. Just the basic concept of observing our negative thoughts, and teaching ourselves to think in a new way or have a plan for when those negative thoughts arise can help us use our minds to feel happier.

Did you know that 7% of the UK population meditated last month. To be honest, it was more than I had imagined. But it shows we have a growing movement towards mindfulness.

Happiness Index – its on the up

There are 6 reasons why we are more open, mindful and why the happiness index is on the up:

  1. A massive increase in mental health problems being discussed. It is less of a taboo subject than it used to be.

  2. Employers are taking an interest in mental health well being.

  3. Meditation and mindfulness is on the rise.

  4. We have a greater tolerance of others.

  5. There is a fall in crime worldwide.

  6. There is an increase in the influence of women who are by their nature, more interested in how people feel.

I’ll leave it on that note and just ask that you look at Action for Happiness. It’s a brilliant movement.

Elizabeth, September 26th 2018