First day of school - being there even when you can't

So some of you may have seen if you follow WoMo Network Instagram that I am away travelling for work.  I am in New York which may sound incredibly sexy, but it’s not.  

I go from hotel to office, to dinner to hotel and repeat.  BUT I do love this city.  And I find little moments in between for appreciation of my time here in the city.  Each morning I have been using the gym in the hotel, which has the most amazing view from the top floor of The Standard Highline.  Then I walk to work via The Highline Hotel where they have the best coffee shop, followed by a wander along the highline to the office.  Small moments of joy in a busy week. 

The hard moments of this week have been significant.  My middle daughter started her new school (at least I managed day 1) and I am across the pond and my 2 and a half year old started nursery and my nanny took him on his first day.  These are tough moments for a WoMo.  My job facilitates our life and I know I need to do it, and I do enjoy my work, but there are times when it is just that little bit harder.  This has been one of those weeks. 

As a WoMo, I run things in my head to make it all feel better.  I managed to take my eldest and middle daughter to school on their first day – small win.  I talked to my youngest all about nursery and we walked past it last week so he knew where he was going – small win.  I facetimed all the kids every day this week – small win.  These small things are what keep me going, these small things are what matter to them too and these small things keep me smiling. 

I'm flying home tonight and can't wait to be home, in my own bed and be closer to the kiddos.

I hope all of you have had good back to school experiences, and your kids are settled and happy in their new schools.  Well done to ALL of you as WoMos who have got the kids back to school in the right uniform on the right day.  I hope you managed to be there to kiss them goodbye but if you weren’t then focus on the good things you did in and around that special day.