The coffee morning challenge

Again this week I received the coffee morning email. This has been happening to me my entire WoMo life. During term time, there are regular coffee mornings that take place across the Mummy community. This isn’t written to in any way be derogatory to these meet ups, it is just to highlight how it feels in my shoes.

I have attended maybe 3 in 14 years, during which time I learned about the challenges for the kids in the class, the general gossip of the school gates, which kids had a birthday coming up and so much more. By being a WoMo, and working 5 days a week, I hear none of it.

This chat is worth its weight in gold. These connections made between mummies over coffee help build a social scene for your child. And if you happen to have a nanny, as I do, the nannies tend to socialise but NEVER with the Mums. The nanny group is smaller, and there is no cross over. This is a true segregation of the kids with or without working Mums.

I have no comment on whether it is good, bad, better or worse, and no judgement on the Mums who do or do not work. We all make our choices. (I feel I ought to caveat here that being a stay at home mum is a job, and a full time one with no pay - this is noted). Just know that us WoMos get these emails weekly and every time, without exception, I sigh and think FFS, I wont be there. AGAIN.

But it is still nice to be asked. Thank you!