Staying Motivated & Organised

I am not a huge believer in year-long resolutions but building healthy, new habits is always welcomed! As we're now in February, I've been thinking about ways to stay motivated and organized this year and after some research, I came up with three.

1. Get enough sleep

Easier said than done but giving your body and mind a good night’s rest will help you stay focused all day long. Set a night and morning routine that works best for you and your family and try your best to stick to it. It might not work every night but 3 nights of good sleep is better than none.

2. Keep a list

Writing things down is always a great way to reflect on your priorities and stay accountable. It’s also a small yet rewarding experience to cross things off! I found these eight beautiful printable to-do lists from Shutterfly if you’d like to give this a go. They include everything from hourly to-do lists to grocery lists, there’s even a cute to-do list for your kids to keep track of chores and homework. I would recommend keeping a list for your menial tasks and another for your long-term goals as a daily reminder.

3. Set aside some “me” time

I cannot stress enough how important it is to dedicate some time to yourself. Even if it’s just ten minutes a day. Meditate, read an article, do whatever makes you feel at ease. It’s hard to get any peace and quiet with work and a family, but taking some time to relax will not only be beneficial to you but those around you as well. Prioritizing your mental health will work wonders in teaching you how and when to focus your energy.

Aside from these three things, don’t forget to take it day by day! You may not always have everything together but try not to dwell on the bumps along the road instead, reward yourself for the little accomplishments. Don't let self-sabotaging habits keep you from having your best year yet.

Thank you to Janey Valesco for the blog!