Transitioning your career

Mothers often have some apprehension and nerves when going back to work but what happens when you know what you have been doing up to the point of having your children is not what you want to continue doing. I often see women on their first and second maternity leave who want to take stock and re look at their career options.

If this is something that you relate to here are my top tips:

1. Self-Analysis:

Do some Self-Analysis work. All of the clients that I see spend time on this (Self Analysis) before we have a coaching session and numerous Mums have done it independently without coaching - each one of them tells me how invaluable it has been. This can be done in your own time and is, I think essential to getting career transition right! It is alarming how many people have never (ever) had the opportunity to stop, think, reflect and soul search. This will ensure you are completely clear moving forward.

2. Research:

Once you have worked out the area you want to go into (there may be a few) do your research. Talk to people, research the market, industry, opportunities, courses. Make sure you are knowledgeable, up to date and that what you are looking at aligns with what you want.

3. Network:

Use your network, a high percentage of people find their future role through their network. Does your current company or any companies you have previously worked for have any opportunities in the area you want to go into? Can you discuss it with them and ask them? Connect and speak to people who have done what you want to go into - most people who are passionate about an area are very happy to speak to those enquiring. Also look at the career background that others have in the field you want to go into. It may be the next role is a stepping stone to what you ultimately want to do.

4. Marketing Material:

Once you are clear on what you want. Match your marketing material (CV/LinkedIn) as closely as you can to the job specifications. Ensure that both your CV and LinkedIn are strong too assist you with this has a CV and LinkedIn module to assist you. If you can build experience in the area you want to go into whether this be through volunteering, temping or contract work. If you are working can you assist with projects in a different department and build your experience that way?

5. Moving Forward:

Take action. In addition to speaking to people and perhaps doing a course some other additional things you could do. Join agencies in your field, look at job boards there are so many out there both full time and part time. List your top 10 companies that you would like to work for then phone their HR department and see what agencies they use or can you apply direct. Update your IT skills. If you are not working can you do an Internship – Women Returners have excellent returnship opportunities. Interview well. Lastly if you have any fears or stumbling blocks that you think are holding you back perhaps organise a coaching session to overcome them.

6. Extra support:

If you feel you need support in all of the key career transition areas why not consider Transition Peak’s on line Career Coaching support package. Tips, advice and know-how in straight to the point documents and professional videos from an Experienced Career Coach without the costly coaching price.

Blog by: Charlotte Billington, co-founder of Transition Peak

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