The Speed Project

I have arrived back this morning from Las Vegas, after taking part in an incredible event called The Speed Project. What’s that you might ask? Just a cheeky 340 mile run from LA to Vegas.

This is a relay event, with between 6-10 runners per team and no rules. You just need to aim to get there in 48 hours. There is a suggested route, but other than that, you are on your own. So that means your own support crew, your own planning and your own food and water. We, The Sisterhood, along with a bunch of men knows as The Sisterwood, took on the challenge with two teams. We took this one on for two amazing charities doing amazing things. The Nepal Youth Foundation UK and The Hummingbird Initiative. And it isn’t too late to donate. Please click here

Over the years with the Hood girls and boys I have taken on multiple challenges but this was by far the biggest. The start was 4am from Santa Monica pier and the first 12-15 hours were exciting, the team was full of energy and enthusiasm and we even managed to push on hard through the heat. Night one was the first realisation of how vulnerable we were, under the stars, driving behind our runners to give them enough light. We averaged about 3-4 hours on, and then 3-4 hours off for a bit of rest while we handed over to the other half of our team. We had planned well with 2 RVs per team. We had a planning team that rocked it and our pre-race meetings were worth the effort!

The exhaustion for the teams began and as we began day 2 and ran through death valley in the midday heat, the real impact of what we were doing kicked in. Fortunately team members hit their lows at different times and we supported one another in a way I have never seen. The camaraderie was unprecedented and filled me with pride and emotion.

As the sun went down at the end of the day, the finish felt in sight and it was a new level of enthusiasm. Despite injury, blood, sweat and tears there was still laughter, banter and smiles! 4am would mean our team made it in 48 hours and we got tight for time. Rather than hold back the runners ran faster, set times and planned the distance and time to make it. We made it at 3.54am with 6 minutes to spare the our second team were not far behind.

What has blown me away is the level of vulnerability this kind of race exposes. Being vulnerable isn’t easy, but even the toughest of the tough had their moments. In this kind of race insecurity is laid bare, and it is actually incredibly empowering. The support from one team member to another and across the entire group was off the chart. To push yourself so far out of your comfort zone is a mind blowing confidence boost when you come out the other side. It’s not that we didn’t believe for one second that it wouldn’t be possible, but I do'n’t think any of us could have imagined the depth we needed to go to to keep going for those 48 hours. And to add to that, we have 10 WoMos in the mix.

And now, after 2 days RnR in Vegas and a flight home, I can look back and think - WOW, we were amazing. We smashed it. I could not be prouder of each and every person that took part. I feel grateful to have been part of it.

You can see race highlights on Instgram @womonetwork @thesistrhoodgroup @thespeedproject

And watch our finish video below :)

By Elizabeth, Founder of WoMo Network