The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is You

Thanks so much to Lydia Fenet who features in Meet The WoMos. She is Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and lead benefit auctioneer for Christie’s Auction House, and author of The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.

I started reading Lydia’s book, Ok, thats not true, I have been listening to it. I am probably way behind the trend here, but I find an audio book great when on the tube, on a flight or in the car. I still love the feel of a real book in my hand and seem to mix it up between listening and turning the pages, and it works for me! Listening when on the move (one less thing to carry) and reading when at home. But that isn’t what this blog is about.

Lydia’s book is awesome. PLEASE READ IT (or listen!) It’s such a good book for women everywhere to help them remember how to have the right kind of impact with the right kind of attitude. Basic reminders about being positive, moving through a problem and owning your journey. I remember many years ago in my career I had a 360 review from my team and one of the comments said ‘never go to Elizabeth with a problem unless you have a solution’. It popped back into my mind when listening to Lydia talk about how you want to behave in the right way to move your career forward. The boss doesn’t want to know about the drama or the problems. The boss wants to see you as the person presenting a solution. It doesn’t matter how much something may have peed you off, rise above it, maintain your professionalism and find a solution.

If you are the most powerful woman in the room, you can achieve great things. How you see yourself, how you present yourself and the goals you set yourself and then strive to fulfil, are the reasons that woman will look up to you. Lydia talks about gaining respect from people you admire, as they will see themselves in you. You may not know where your path will lead but have the dreams. It’s really good advice.

‘Your time is now’ is the title of one of her chapters, and it should resonate for everyone. if you are procrastinating, debating, overthinking and wondering if now is the moment - It is. We all have that voice inside (also described by some as the monkey on the shoulder) and Lydia talks about how to talk to your monkey. Some top tips! Lydia talks about negotiating too. As women. we are more nervous than men when it comes to asking for a pay rise. If you want some help on that subject alone this book will help. A perfectly good reason to to read it and learn more about enhancing your own financial wellness.

I have loved her book and have recommended it to many women in my network. Lydia talks about reaching out to people in your network, and being brave. Don’t second guess it, just do it. So I asked Lydia to feature in Meet the WoMos, and you can read it here.