Sistr - Women Supporting Women

Today I attended the launch of Sistr, an app for women to support women. Sistr is the brain child of Emma Sayle, a very dear friend of mine. As you may have seen, I’ve been part of a merry tribe of girls (The Sisterhood) for many years now. We support one another, push one another and make stuff happen.

There are regularly moments when one of this wide network of women needs some help. There is no judgement, there is no criticism and there is no stupid questions. Women can be unkind to one another, we all know it, but in this tribe, its just not the way it works. This support and enthusiasm to push each other to be the best version of themselves is part of the inspiration of casting the net wider and creating an official forum for exactly that; women empowering women.

Today at the launch party Sophie Jarvis, Journalist for the Evening Standard, hosted a panel of women talking about passion, grit and how women can help each other. We’ve interviewed a couple in meet the WoMos, you an click and read more about their WoMo life.

  • Helen Skelton, TV Presenter and Sport mad lady of adventure.

  • Sarah Lindsay, Triple Olympian, PT and Co-Founder of ROAR

  • Vanessa Moulton, Leading Psychologist

  • Chemmy Alcott, Quadruple Olympian, Presenter and Business Woman

  • And of course Emma Sayle, the Founder.

The discussion on impostor syndrome came up during the panel chats and what I found fascinating is that 70% of men AND women suffer from impostor syndrome but it’s the women who let it hold them back.

Focusing on your passion is important and makes you happy! Being able to shut out the background noise and criticism of others makes a big difference. Chemmy, who has recently had a baby said she has now learned to ask for help, and it has given her more confidence. There is no shame in asking for help.

Networks help you reach out and ask for help which has been a key learning for me in the world of the Sisterhood. Helen said ‘it has never been a better time to be a woman’ and I think she is right! We are getting braver, we are speaking up and we are pushing on with our ambition. Make decisions that work for you and help you follow your dreams.

And just to finish, I loved this quote from Chemmy: Either I win or I learn. There is no losing.

So true!

Get signed up to Sistr here and be part of the growing team of women supporting women.