Job Sharing

So let’s talk about job sharing…

Job sharing gives flexibility, gives balance and contributes to wellbeing. If you want to work more flexibly and balance home and work, then a new online tool is coming your way. We were thrilled here at WoMo towers to come across Flink an online job share matching tool.

Back in the days of working at LVMH I recruited two WoMos to do a job share as HR Manager. They applied for the job as a pair, they came as a unit and had all the experience I needed and more. Based on my passion for supporting WoMos, I was thrilled to receive their application. I interviewed them, and compared them to other candidates as I would in any recruitment process, with the view of hiring the best person for the job. That person was these two WoMos as a job share.

There was some push back from the business, it was new, it was different but they put forward a comprehensive presentation explaining how they would manage the concerns that had been raised.

Concerns such as:

  • how would holiday be covered?

  • would they communicate with one another?

  • what would happen if one of them had a meeting on a Monday, would the same information be understood on Friday (with the other half of the job share)?

  • would the job share be over budget?

  • what impact would it have on others?

As the interview process continued, I invited them to present and define the plan, as they saw it. I asked them to present to the senior leaders the way they would work and this alleviated any issues. Once the senior leaders felt it was a goer, we were good to offer Katie and Louise the position. I was thrilled!

Katie and Louise are moving 6 years later from their role into a more senior position in a new company. They are moving as a pair, they still work as a pair, and if anything their partnership and unity has enhanced their commitment to the role. They balance WoMo life and work life well and are a joy to work with.

If you think job-sharing could be for you, Flink launches Thursday 20th June. Keep an eye out!