It's all a bit much

So I thought I would write about my recent trip to Las Vegas. It was one of the most challenging trips I have ever done. I should caveat this by saying I LOVED IT! The opportunity to speak at an enormous conference was nerve wracking and confidence building in equal measure, but post surgery of my youngest, and dog in the vet and all sorts of other things it all felt very over-whelming.

As a WoMo I wanted to write about it as I think we can all relate. Sometimes just sometimes, it feels like you are on the edge of coping. A week before I left my youngest went under a general anaesthetic for an operation on his eyes. I spent most of the week post his op anxious about making sure he was ok and terrified of infection before I stepped on a plane to fly a long way away. My eldest two went back to school and my dog cut his leg, badly. Add that into an already busy week where we move our office from one location to another and I was just about managing. Tears were shed. More than once!

Office Management reports to me at work, so the logistics of moving 200 people from one location to another in London rolled up to decisions being made, people working over the weekend and the anxiety we had 200 people turning up to their new office on Monday with a need for everyone to have a working computer. We pulled it off, but key move day was when my son was in hospital, so I was more than useless in helping.

A few teething problems, but the office move went well- yippee! A week of settling in, and fighting with my youngest over eye drops seemed challenging and then the dog ran over some glass and sliced his leg open. Oh I forgot to add here, I exchanged on a new house last week so I am in limbo land between exchange and completion.

I boarded the plane Sunday night after a busy weekend (totally my fault for overloading myself but a fun party none the less!) and headed off to Vegas. I arrived in the evening which in my body was the wee hours, and pushed on through. I woke up Monday morning, far too early of course, and then my period arrived. I’ll blame the tears on the PMT then! Jet lagged, nervous about my big week, away from home and then in full girl mode feeling hideous was full top level to the face stress!

Vegas went well, I loved being part of something so brilliant but was there for too few days to adjust to the time difference. 8 hours is too much for 3 days. Then Wednesday night, with a 2.5 hour delay, I flew home arriving Thursday evening. Thursday disappeared from my diary with the time jump, and I arrived home just in time for a bedtime story. The cuddle I was greeted with when I arrived home made my week. My youngest was so thrilled to see me as I was him. And the chalked message on the front door step he has prepared with the nanny was such a lovely welcome!

Friday we had our townhall in the office and I felt broken. When Friday night arrived I crashed into bed at 9pm. I was literally at the end of my tether and it all felt too much. I couldn't speak to anyone. I was unable to hold a conversation and my brain was refusing to function. I was officially WoMo down!

Taking myself to bed at 9pm was a moment of decisive self care. I needed it or I truly felt although I would collapse on Saturday. A massive sleep and I woke up feeling a million times better :)