Interviewing and recruiting the person who will care for your child

When you recruit the person who will care for your child you want to make sure you get it right.

Interviewing a nanny

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You may have interviewed as part of your job, or perhaps you have never interviewed. Either way, interviewing for a nanny is an entirely different experience. You are interviewing someone who will take care of your child which means it is an interview involving far more emotion than your average work interview.

It can be daunting, so be prepared!

  • Ask for a CV and read it properly.
  • Look for gaps in the CV, and ask questions to determine what the nanny has been doing.
  • Understanding the reason your nanny left her previous jobs will be helpful
  • More than anything, go with your gut feel. If something doesn't feel right in the interview, trust your instinct.
  • It's advisable to interview the nanny with your child/children present. If the child is very young, try and coordinate the nanny to arrive towards the end of a nap time. This means you can get some quiet time with the nanny and then see the nanny with the child when the baby wakes up. Seeing how your nanny interacts with the child is incredibly important.
  • Remember to take up references before you make an offer.

Stuck on questions to ask? 

Interviewing a child-minder or a nursery

Yes. You will interview them too. When you go and see a nursery or a child-minder you should see this as your opportunity to decide whether the environment and carers are right for your child. Ask anything that you feel is important.


When you first meet a child-minder, they may suggest you come and meet with them after their normal core hours. This is probably ok for a first meeting but if you like the person it is important you ask to visit the premises when the children are there. You want to see the interaction between the child-minder and the children. Take your child along too so you can see the way the childminder behaves with your child.


  1. Prepare the questions you want to ask and have a pen and paper ready. Whether you are visiting a nursery or conducting a formal interview you will want to be ready and be able to take notes.
  2. Write a job description or a list of what is essential in the care of your child.
  3. Ask for references and contact them as soon as possible.

3 Reminders

  1. You are the decision maker, stick to your wish list
  2. Take up references
  3. Discuss where you need flexibility