Rachele Gonzaga - Personal Stylist. Focus: New Mums

We're delighted to feature WoMo Rachele Gonzaga, a personal stylist who has decided to focus her work on new mums:

My mission is to help other women the same way a stylist helped me in a difficult time of my life; this was just after a car accident left my body with lots of scars and a post-natal depression unexpectedly hit me after my second baby.

I felt my confidence was lost, I was living in leggings while I had so many items in my wardrobe that I was not wearing anymore, I was stuck thinking that I had to fit again in all of them, but looking at them just made me feel unhappy.

The situation changed when I understood that a new baby comes also with a different lifestyle when I learnt how to highlight my assets, I learnt to accept my new curves and I received help finding a new style that would suit both me and this new lifestyle!

So this is my mission now; I am now here to:

  • Empower women through style to feel confident with their new body shape after having a baby 
  • Increase confidence by making them understand that is important to take care of themselves and feel good in their skin after becoming a mum 
  • Encourage them to also dedicate themselves to their hobbies/careers and help them appearing their best after a pregnancy
  • Help them saving time in the morning when they have to dress up and also saving money in the longer term by spending less on useless items.

I do this helping to find the right style, making feel them glamorous and beautiful and showing that style does not have to be sacrificed when we have more curves and when we have children running around the house.

I do my job also using my background  and experience in sustainability and responsible consumption. 

I am not into just following the latest trends that perhaps look cool but don’t suit you, not about having millions of items in your wardrobe you would wear once or twice only.

I am pro slow fashion; finding the right style for you, invest in quality not in quantity, reinvent your existing wardrobe with perhaps new accessories and be able to wear 100% of it, have a capsule core collection that makes it easy to dress up in the morning and teaching you how to shop so that you will not buy useless items anymore.

I am very happy to be able to share all of this with you today and I hope you got a bit inspired and engaged in my mission to help new mums.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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