Katie Millett - Nutritional Health Coach & Yoga Teacher


Katie is a working mum of 2 busy boys. She has worked within the wellness industry for over a decade and is passionate about helping WoMo’s reach their health goals via realistic nutritional and lifestyle shifts that can be easily infiltrated into family life.

Modern day living is hard and fast, the demands of being a WoMo are endless. It is easy to fall into the trap of making poor lifestyle and nutritional choices which commonly lead to:

  • Weight concerns
  • Unwanted cravings/addictions
  • Fatigued
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Etc.

So here is what we do...

Respecting and honouring that every WoMo is 100% unique in genetics and current situation we identify ‘red flags’ within both LIFESTYLE (stress, exercise etc) and NUTRITION. From there, we develop appropriate health and wellness goals and with this, the strategies to then reach and maintain them.

The shifts you make and tools you learn and adopt throughout your sessions will empower you to take control of your health and maintain balance, for you and your family now and in the future.

2 rules:

  1. NO fad diets
  2. A fun and enjoyable journey

For more information please contact:

Katie Millett

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Danielle Rickwood - Abdominal Therapist and Health Coach 

Reclaim good health and a happy tummy 

What hat are you wearing right now? Mother? Lover? Friend? Sister? Boss? Work Colleague? Human being? Neighbour? Daughter?

As women we are constantly juggling a multitude of tasks and identities. How can we manage wearing these different hats so that we experience optimal health and exquisite wellness more often than not?

Well, despite all these juggling balls going round and round there is another cycle in motion which if understood and honoured can see us maintain a level of balance we didn’t think possible. Many women don’t give a second thought about their menstrual cycle apart from perhaps when it comes to fertility or health issues. This is perhaps one of the most important cycles to develop a good healthy relationship with as menstrual cycle awareness is key to avoiding a multitude of women’s health issues including painful periods, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, bloating, headaches, IBS to name but a few.  

Your menstrual cycle provides an untapped powerhouse of wisdom that will enable you to maximise your full potential at home, at work and at play.

Whether you are struggling to overcome a particular women’s health issue or looking to maximise your full potential as a WoMo, an understanding and deepened awareness of the power of your cycle is where it all begins and ends.

As an Abdominal Therapist and Health Coach with busy practices in both the UK and Australia, I have spent many years working with clients on issues concerning women’s health and wellness. Consequently, I have created a unique treatment approach that has successfully addressed many of the health issues busy working mum’s are challenged with.  For your convenience sessions are offered via Skype from wherever you are in the world and for those who require a more hands on approach clinic based sessions are available also (full clinic list on website).

Being a WoMo is a busy task and if you want to optimise your energy and feel at your best, get in touch and we can put a plan in place. I cannot wait to help you discover a happier healthier belly and a happy healthier you!


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A few quotes from Danielle's clientS 

Danielle’s gentle approach is miraculously effective. She moves mountains with such subtle coaxing and encouraging you hardly notice you’re shifting at all whilst everything is changing for the better. Thank you for another beautiful treatment. You and your work are a rare gift much needed in this world and I cherish my time with you greatly.
I recently went to see my happy uterus lady (HUL) that’s not her official job title, its just what I like to call her. I initially went to see Danielle to increase my chances of fertility and to improve my female health. I had cysts on my right ovary, a retroverted uterus, a missing Bartholin duct and I had suffered menstrual cramps for almost 27 years. The first period after my treatment was different – I had NO cramps, NO pain and I felt fabulous all day. Wow! I was really blown away!
Thank you so much for your care and attention to help me reconnect with my belly! The session with you has highlighted areas in my life that need more awareness, and I am grateful to you for bringing this to my attention. I am glad that I took the time to go through the questionnaire you provided, as it allowed me to reflect on questions I, nor anyone else, had really asked before. It is a powerful tool of self examination. Since treatment, I feel more grounded as a women and more accepting of my experiences and emotions in my life so far!
Thanks for holding my hand through this journey and helping me grow into the person and mother I know I can be.