Meet the WoMos: Wendy

Hi Wendy, tell us a bit about yourself.  What do you do, how old are your children and what happens with your kids when you are at work?

My name is Wendy Rumble.  I am 35 and live in Maidenhead with my husband and 2 children.  I have a paid job 3 days a week for a spirits importer and then my own business, RunningBuggies.Com which happens the rest of the time.  My children are 4 and 2 and go to nursery 4 days a week.

1.     One word to describe how being a WoMo makes you feel?


2.     What’s the funniest experience you have had juggling kids and work?

Gosh, toughie! Basically, when things go quiet bad stuff is going down.  Scribbling on the floor, walls or weeing in the corner.

3.     What is the one piece of advice you could offer another WoMo?

Except all offers of help, and ask for help too!

4.     What’s the least amount of sleep you’ve gone to work on and how did you cope?

Probably 3 or 4 hours during one of the many sickness bugs! Its amazing how you can function with caffeine, regular walking around and good conversation!

5.     What have you learned about yourself as a WoMo?

I’m not a quitter!

6.     If you had a working mother’s anthem or mantra, what would it be?

Trolls is a current favourite in our household and I like the song “Get Back Up Again” Anna Kendrick.  Life isn’t all roses and it’s a really hard way to earn money to start your own business but what a great lesson to teach our children.

7.     What is your guilty pleasure to combat WoMo guilt the best?

Wine is always my guilty pleasure! But I do find having a good chat with my husband helps me get worries off my chest.

8.     Would you rather be dealing with a tantrum or presenting in a board meeting?

Board meeting!!  Tantrums are so frustrating!  No logical end in sight and my youngest started them at 16 months and had them for a year.  Thankfully we are nearly out the woods with them.

9.     If you asked your child / children what your job is, what would they say?

“Mummy does”. (they shout at random’s in the street.  These randoms aren’t always of target market age, so it’s all rather embarrassing)

10. What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you became a WoMo?

I still wish I knew more about how to build functionality on my website and I’m learning all the time about SEO’s and how best to impact them.

11. To date, what has been your best WoMo achievement?

Last year I met with both Theresa May (Prime Minister) and Tracey Crouch (Minister for Sport) in 2 separate meetings to discuss the awareness in the UK of running buggies for the benefit of parents physical and mental health.

12. What do you want to teach your kids about working mothers?

In order to have nice things you have to work for them.  That’s just life!