Grace Belgravia, just for women

Grace Belgravia, is a private members club (mostly) for women.  And I was lucky enough to visit. 

I had a personal tour from the brilliant CEO Kate.  She is the brains behind the idea and the passion she shows for her project is contagious.  You can't help but be excited and in awe when you walk through the stunning space.  I asked Kate if it took a long time for her to find it, and it made me smile when she said she happened to be shopping in Waitrose (which is under the club), and as she left, she saw them putting the sign up, and what a sign it was!  A sign this was the perfect spot for Kate to realise her ambition.

Grave Belgravia does let the men in (for breakfast and later in the evening), but only in the bar/restaurant.  The rest of the space is exclusively for women and there is a wonderful energy.  It is relaxing and calm yet during my visit there was a lot going on.  They had a pop up event going on in their atrium with small brands showcasing their product.  As we walked through there was a woman having a PT session, another lady receiving a vitamin injection, a woman having a manicure and a group relaxing over an afternoon cup of tea.  

Grace offer bespoke well-being programmes too which include stress and relaxation, working to optimal weight, fitness, ageing well. energy and revitalisation and sleep enhancement.  What's not to like?  Attached to the club is their medical and well-being clinic, open to men and women, to help with a wide range of health issues.  

I realise the location isn't perfect for everyone, but so does Kate.  She has weekend membership for people who live out of London to accommodate people who want to use the club less regularly.  They also have events which take place for non members so you can experience your own mini slice of Grace. 

For more info click here: Grace Belgravia

Oh and while I remember, check out the menu.  The food is divine!